Queering Islam and Muslim Americanness

  title={Queering Islam and Muslim Americanness},
  author={Taneem Husain},
In the United States’ current cultural and political climate, stereotypes of Muslims, such as the destructive terrorist and oppressed burqa-clad woman, are ever-present. For Muslim Americans, breaking outside of these stereotypes is fraught: merely contesting these stereotypes is insufficient for inclusion. Muslim Americans are often required to construct central aspects of their identities—particularly religion, gender, and sexuality—so they become acceptable to mainstream American… 



The Racialization of Islam in American Law

After 9/11, the “Muslim terrorist” trope altered the American understanding of Islam. This article argues that the Muslim terrorist in our popular culture should not be seen as new but within an

"Good" and "Bad" Muslim Citizens: Feminists, Terrorists, and U.S. Orientalisms

THE WAR ON TERROR waged by the United States since 2001 has focused on religion, nationalism, and gender as hnchpins in the U.S. discourse about bringing "democracy" and "human rights," particularly

Western Representations of the Muslim Woman: From Termagant to Odalisque

Western Representations of the Muslim Woman: From Termagant to Odalisque, by Mohja Kahf. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 1999. ix + 207 pages. Notes to p. 177. Bibl. to p. 195. Index to p.

From SlutWalks to SuicideGirls: Feminist Resistance in the Third Wave and Postfeminist Era

Although she coins the term, Walker is less interested in developing a coherent, new feminist theory than in building coalitions with other social justice leagues through the Third Wave Foundation, which reflects the confessional and individualist drive of the Third wave of feminism.

Maid to Order: Commercial Fetishism and Gender Power

In Sex, Madonna has her wits, if not her clothes, about her. The scandal of Sex is the scandal of S/M: the provocative confession that the edicts of power are reversible. So the critics bay for her

Overwhelming whiteness of BDSM: A critical discourse analysis of racialization in BDSM

Ahmed’s (2007) theory of the phenomenology of whiteness serves as a theoretical tool for assessing how whiteness presents itself within bondage, discipline, dominance/submission, and sadomasochism

“Satan Has Afflicted Me!” Jinn-Possession and Mental Illness in the Qur’an

A thematic analysis was carried out on four English translations and the Arabic text of the Qur’an to explore whether the connection between jinn-possession and insanity exists within the Muslim holy book.

Possession and Jinn

Cultural and religious and psychiatric aspects of jinn possession are described and guidance on management in clinical practice is offered.

Queer Sociality and Other Sexual Fantasies

Through a consideration of the ephemeral archives of queer racialized feminine subjects, this essay considers how current debates in queer theory on the relationship between sociality and the sexual

NiqaBitch and Princess Hijab: Niqab activism, satire and street art

In this contribution I discuss two styles of presenting face-veils in the public that have a critical edge: the video clip NiqaBitch shakes Paris and princess Hijab’s street art. Whereas both visual