Queering Horace Walpole

  title={Queering Horace Walpole},
  author={George E. Haggerty},
  journal={SEL Studies in English Literature 1500-1900},
  pages={543 - 561}
  • G. Haggerty
  • Published 17 August 2006
  • History
  • SEL Studies in English Literature 1500-1900
What does it mean to talk about sexuality in the eighteenth century? What can historians of sexuality accomplish without the keyhole testimonies that prove our subjects had sex with members of their own gender? In this essay, George Haggerty considers the case of Horace Walpole. He looks at Walpole's friendships, his style and effeminacy, his wit and taste, his politics and public life, as a way of understanding what it is possible to say about Horace Walpole the man. Rather than pinning… 

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