Queer Unsettlements: Diasporic Filipinos in Canada’s World Pride

  title={Queer Unsettlements: Diasporic Filipinos in Canada’s World Pride},
  author={Robert G. Diaz},
  journal={Journal of Asian American Studies},
  pages={327 - 350}
  • Robert G. Diaz
  • Published 18 October 2016
  • Art
  • Journal of Asian American Studies
This article examines how queer diasporic migrants subtend the hierarchizing practices of Canadian multiculturalism and settler colonialism. As a case study, it focuses on “Cabinet of Queeriosities,” a contemporary art exhibit that featured the work of Julius Manapul, and Miss Gay Philippines Canada, a beauty pageant that featured Filipino/a contestants competing from across the greater Toronto area. By tracing the complex articulations of nonnormative intimacy, kinship, and sexuality that… 

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