Queer Jesus, straight angels: Complicating ‘sexuality’ and ‘religion’ in the International Raëlian Movement

  title={Queer Jesus, straight angels: Complicating ‘sexuality’ and ‘religion’ in the International Ra{\"e}lian Movement},
  author={Stephen E. Gregg},
  pages={565 - 582}
This article highlights the central role of sexuality and the body within the International Raëlian Movement. The world's largest UFO-inspired New Religious Movement, the Raëlian Movement rejects theism and understands higher spiritual awareness to be dependent upon individual and communal sexual identity. Through a process called Sensual Meditation, Raëlians believe that harmony and peace may be facilitated, a view which also underpins their increasing profile of social campaigns and public… 
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Introduction to the special issue: Sexuality and religion: ‘International’ and ‘early career’ perspectives

This Special Issue explores how religious identity and practice interplays with sexuality. It deliberately foregrounds attentiveness to a diversity of places and positions, as both ‘early career’,



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Special feature

Trawling the internet for a popular quotation on sexuality and religion, I came across the lines given in the epigraph, for which I immediately developed a fondness. I think there is great insight in

Queer Women and Religious Individualism

Contents Acknowledgments Map of Los Angeles 1. Beyond the Congregation 2. Setting the Stage: Historical Contexts 3. Queering the Spiritual Marketplace 4. Negotiating Religion: Continuity, Conversion,