Queer Christianities: Lived Religion in Transgressive Forms

  title={Queer Christianities: Lived Religion in Transgressive Forms},
  author={Kathleen T. Talvacchia and Michael F. Pettinger and Mark J. Larrimore},
Contents Part I: Celibacies 11 1. Celibacy Was Queer: Rethinking Early Christianity 13 David G. Hunter 2. "Queerish" Celibacy: Reorienting Marriage 25 in the Ex-Gay Movement Lynne Gerber 3. Celibate Politics: Queering the Limits 37 Anthony M. Petro 4. How Queer Is Celibacy? A Queer Nun's Story 48 Sister Carol Bernice, CHS Church Interlude I: A Congregation Embodies 53 Queer Theology Jon M. Walton Part II: Matrimonies 65 5. Two Medieval Brides of Christ: Complicating 67 Monogamous Marriage… 
Sunsets and Solidarity: Overcoming Sacramental Shame in Conservative Christian Churches to Forge a Queer Vision of Love and Justice
Drawing from our interdisciplinary qualitative study of LGBTI conservative Christians and their allies, we name an especially toxic form of shame—what we call sacramental shame—that affects the lives
“Shouting it Out”: Religion and the Development of Black Gay Identities
Using an intersectional framework, this paper analyzes the behavioral and interactional responses to anti-gay religious teachings among young Black gay men. Drawing on 26 semi-structured interviews
Is Caravaggio a queer theologian? Paul’s conversion on the way to Damascus
Queer theology has not paid enough attention to queer sex, how queers understand sexual intimate relationships outside hetero/homonormative frameworks, and more importantly, what notions of
Lived Religion and Lived (In)Tolerance
Once long ago G.K. Chesterton boldly declared: “Tolerance (or what he generally termed ‘impartiality’) is the virtue of the man without convictions.” In a similar manner he described modern tolerance
Geographies of Postsecularity
This book explores the hopeful possibility that emerging geographies of postsecularity are able to contribute significantly to the understanding of how common life may be shared, and how caring for
Scripts we live by: on inheriting canonical texts
ABSTRACT In this article, I theorize the interpretation of harmful canonical texts with special reference to John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion. As a result of the actions and
Moved by the Spirit: Theological Literatures of LGBT Advocacy
ABSTRACT Debate over the question of how to effectively acknowledge and advocate for the presence of LGBT people as legitimate members of religious denominations and a population entitled to ministry
Theorizing lived religion: introduction
ABSTRACT The introduction to this special issue describes the emergence of the lived religion approach in relation to other approaches within the study of religion and sociology of religion as a way
Theography and postsecular politics in the geographies of postchristendom communities.
Studying the overlaps between religion and politics in human geography is no longer a niche pursuit. Now, a plethora of literature in the discipline covers various facets of the topic, analysing the
Strange Questions, Queerish Souls? : Resisting the Woman Question in a Contemporary Catholic Movement (Comunione e Liberazione)
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