Queer Anti-Capitalism: What's Left of Lesbian and Gay Liberation?

  title={Queer Anti-Capitalism: What's Left of Lesbian and Gay Liberation?},
  author={Alan E. Sears},
  journal={Science \& Society},
Lesbians and gays are on the verge of winning full citizenship in Canada and a number of Western European coun- tries. This represents a remarkable change in the 35 years since the contemporary lesbian and gay liberation movement was launched out of the Stonewall riots. These gains are the product of a social movement with a strong history of militant mobilization. At the same time, the process of capitalist restructuring has opened some of the space for lesbian and gay existence. The… Expand
The Fracturing of LGBT Identities under Neoliberal Capitalism
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Acknowledgments 1. What Can be Done? Sexual Diversity and Labor Unions in Perspective Gerald Hunt 2. No Longer Outsiders: Labor's Response to Sexual Diversity in Canada Gerald Hunt 3. Fighting It OutExpand
Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence (1980)
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