Queer(y)ing the “Modern Homosexual”

  title={Queer(y)ing the “Modern Homosexual”},
  author={Jeffrey Weeks},
  journal={Journal of British Studies},
  pages={523 - 539}
  • J. Weeks
  • Published 1 July 2012
  • History
  • Journal of British Studies
W hat do we mean when we speak of “British queer history”? Are we concerned with a history of same-sex desire, in all its complexities, or of specific sexual formations and cultures? Is it a history of attitudes toward homosexualiy, and perhaps also of gender nonconformity, or should its focus be the evolution of lesbian and gay and transgender subjectivity? Is it a history of the structuring binarism between heterosexuality and homosexuality or of sexual diversity? Are we speaking of a history… 

Understanding Multiple Sexualities

The language that we invent to describe experience tends to shape the experience. This is very clear with respect to human sexuality. To date, in part due to religious injunctions which still exist

Queer Strategies of Gay History: Boswell's "Weapons", Foucault's Expérience

Abstract:This essay revisits the genealogy of Michel Foucault's Histoire de la sexualité and calls for a reassessment of its later volumes as politically engaged expériences in historiography.

The evolution of the gay male public sphere in England and Wales, 1967-c.1983

This thesis is a reassessment of gay male politics in England and Wales during the period between the decriminalisation of homosexual acts in private in 1967 and the HIV epidemic of the early 1980s.

Iron Dukes and Naked Races: Edward Carpenter's Sheffield and LGBTQ Public History

ABSTRACT This article explores the development of a public history walk based on the life of Edward Carpenter (1844–1929), late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Sheffield-based writer,

A study of working-class men who desired other men in the North of England, 1895-1957

This thesis is the first detailed academic study of non-metropolitan men who desired other men in England during the period 1895-1957. It places issues of class, masculinity and regionality alongside

Moral Welfare and Social Well-Being: The Church of England and the Emergence of Modern Homosexuality

In his retirement, former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey attained a certain notoriety for his support for the so-called gay-conversion therapy. He twice publicly intervened in cases where

En unevnelig synd

The study of queer history in Norway before 1840 is an underdeveloped field. This article details the legislation against and prosecution of homosexual acts in this period. Such acts – crimes against

Sex Education and the Great War Soldier: A Queer Analysis of the Practice of “Hetero” Sex

I n 1917 Joseph Best, a former Pathé newsreel editor, was released from the army to make a sex education film about venereal disease (VD) for the British War Office, entitled “Whatsoever a Man


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Abstract Recent developments in the history of modern Britain have led to the emergence of a history of intimacy, whether or not it is recognized as such. This historiographical review argues that

Coming out and being a father : a qualitative study

There is a substantial body of research exploring men identifying and coming out as gay. However, this is mainly focused on adolescents and young adults. Coming out is outlined by various models,



How to Do the History of Homosexuality

In this long-awaited book, David M. Halperin revisits and refines the argument he put forward in his classic "One Hundred Years of Homosexuality" that hetero- and homosexuality are not biologically

A Lesbian History of Britain: Love and Sex Between Women Since 1500

Drawing on a wide range of historical sources - court records, newspaper reports, medical records, novels, oral histories and personal papers - A Lesbian History of Britain presents the extraordinary

Making the Human Gesture: History, Sexuality and Social Justice

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    History workshop journal : HWJ
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The History Workshop movement grew out of the same social, cultural and political context in the early 1970s as second-wave feminism and the lesbian and gay movement. It's not surprising that they

Remapping the Sites of Modern Gay History: Legal Reform, Medico-Legal Thought, Homosexual Scandal, Erotic Geography

E thirty years ago Jeffrey Weeks published his groundbreaking Coming Out: Homosexual Politics in Britain, from the Nineteenth Century to the Present (1977)—an immensely influential history of the

The Making of the Modern Homosexual

Is the "homosexual" a type of person that has been with us-in various guises-throughout history? Is he or she simply a "being" that we are slowly discovering and understanding better? Or is the

Heterosexuality and the third gender in enlightenment London

A revolution in gender relations ocurred in London around 1700 that resulted in a sexual system that endured in many aspects until the sexual revolution of the 1960s. There emerged three genders:

The Homosexual Role

The current conceptualization of homosexuality as a condition is a false one, resulting from ethnocentric bias. Homosexuality should be seen rather as a social role. Anthropological evidence shows

Making Sexual History

Introduction: Making Sexual History. Part I: Contested Knowledge: Writers on Sexuality:. 1. Havelock Ellis and the Politics of Sex Reform. 2. Mary McIntosh and the Homosexual Role. 3. Dennis Altman

Capital Affairs: London and the Making of the Permissive Society

How did sexuality transform post-war Britain? Countering the dominant myth of the sexual revolution, Capital Affairs shows how a new phase of post-Victorian morality was forged by the dramatic