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Queensland fruit fly and cotton boll rot

  title={Queensland fruit fly and cotton boll rot},
  author={M. Khan and K. Byers and J. Bartlett and N. Pathania},
Refuge crop performance as part of the Bt resistance management strategy for Helicoverpa spp. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Australian cotton production systems
There was no evidence to support a difference in parasitism of Helicoverpa between the two refuge crop types, but a temporal shift in parasite community (Tachinidae becoming more common) was apparent. Expand
IPM in the transgenic era: a review of the challenges from emerging pests in Australian cotton systems
The achievements of the Cotton CRC are chronicle in providing the industry with new knowledge and management strategies for these pests, including sucking species such as Creontiades dilutus and Nezara viridula. Expand