Qubit and Entanglement assisted Optimal Entanglement Concentration

  title={Qubit and Entanglement assisted Optimal Entanglement Concentration},
  author={Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We present two methods for optimal entanglement concentration from pure entangled states by local actions only. However a prior knowledge of the Schmidt coefficients is required. The first method is optimally efficient only when a finite ensemble of pure entangled states are available whereas the second method realizes the single pair optimal concentration probability. We also propose an entanglement assisted method which is again optimally efficient even for a single pair. We also discuss… Expand
Optimal entanglement concentration via photonic Faraday rotation in cavity QED
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Asymmetric five-party quantum state sharing of an arbitrary m-qubit state
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Entanglement distillation : a discourse on bound entanglement in quantum information theory
This thesis covers in a unified way the material presented in quant-ph/0403073,quantity/0502040, quant-Ph/0504160, quants/0510035, quant/0512012 and quant- ph/0603283. Expand
Estimating losses in an entanglement concentration scheme using the phenomenological operator approach to dissipation in cavity quantum electrodynamics
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Protocols and quantum circuits for implementing entanglement concentration in cat state, GHZ-like state and nine families of 4-qubit entangled states
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Generation and characterization in a laboratory ofC2⊗Cdstates of flying electrons and ions with negative or positive partial transpose possessing free or bound entanglement
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Signaling versus distinguishing different preparations of same pure quantum state
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Maximal entanglement concentration for $(n+1)$-qubit states
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Bibliographic guide to the foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum information
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States, effects, and operations : fundamental notions of quantum theory : lectures in mathematical physics at the University of Texas at Austin
States and effects.- Operations.- The first Representation theorem.- Composite systems.- The second representation theorem.- 6 Coexistent effects and observables.- References.
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