Quaternized pine sawdust in the treatment of mining wastewater.

  title={Quaternized pine sawdust in the treatment of mining wastewater.},
  author={Anni Ker{\"a}nen and Tiina Leivisk{\"a} and Inga Zinicovscaia and Marina Viladimirovna Frontasyeva and Osmo E. O. Hormi and Juha P Tanskanen},
  journal={Environmental technology},
  volume={37 11},
Mining wastewater was treated using quaternized pine sawdust (QPSD) anion exchanger. The wastewater contained heavy metals (e.g. Sb, As, Co, Cr, Ni, V, U), NO3(-), among others, and a high concentration of SO4(2-). A series of column cycles imitating a real treatment process was conducted (three sorption/desorption cycles, a maintenance cycle with HCl and… CONTINUE READING