Quaternionic electroweak theory

  title={Quaternionic electroweak theory},
  author={Stefano De Leo and Pietro P. Rotelli},
  journal={Journal of Physics G},
We explicitly develop a quaternionic version of the electroweak theory, based on the local gauge group . The need of a complex projection for our Lagrangian and the physical significance of the anomalous scalar solutions are also discussed. 
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We show that, in quaternion quantum mechanics with a complex geometry, the minimal four Higgs of the unbroken electroweak theory naturally determine the quaternion invariance group which correspondsExpand
Quaternion scalar field.
  • De Leo S, Rotelli
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1992
A previous difficulty with the conservation of four-momentum for the anomalous'' bosonic particles is resolved and a version of {ital quaternion} quantum mechanics to field theory is discussed. Expand
The Quaternionic Dirac Lagrangian
We discuss the use of the variational principle within quaternionic quantum mechanics. This is non-trivial because of the non commutative nature of quaternions. We derive the Dirac Lagrangian densityExpand
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Quaternions and special relativity
  • S. Leo
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • 1996
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Translations between Quaternion and Complex Quantum Mechanics
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Algebraic Gauge Theory of Quarks and Leptons
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