Quaternionic B-splines

  title={Quaternionic B-splines},
  author={Jeffrey A. Hogan and Peter R. Massopust},
  journal={J. Approx. Theory},
We introduce B-splines on the line of quaternionic order $B_q$ ($q$ in the algebra of quaternions) for the purposes of multi-channel signal and image analysis. The functions $B_q$ are defined first by their Fourier transforms, then as the solutions of distributional differential equation of quaternionic order. The equivalence of these definitions requires properties of quaternionic Gamma functions and binomial expansions, both of which we investigate. The relationship between $B_q$ and a… Expand
Quaternionic Fundamental Cardinal Splines: Interpolation and Sampling
B-splines $B_{q}$, $\Sc q > 1$, of quaternionic order $q$, for short quaternionic B-splines, are quaternion-valued piecewise M\"{u}ntz polynomials whose scalar parts interpolate the classicalExpand
Splines and fractional differential operators
  • P. Massopust
  • Mathematics
  • International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing
  • 2020
Several classes of classical cardinal B-splines can be obtained as solutions of operator equations of the form [Formula: see text] where [Formula: see text] is a linear differential operator ofExpand
On Some Generalizations of B-Splines
In this article, we consider some generalizations of polynomial and exponential B-splines. Firstly, the extension from integral to complex orders is reviewed and presented. The second generalizationExpand


Complex B-splines
We propose a complex generalization of Schoenberg’s cardinal splines. To this end, we go back to the Fourier domain definition of the B-splines and extend it to complex-valued degrees. We show thatExpand
Fractional Splines and Wavelets
The symmetric version of the B-splines can be obtained as the solution of a variational problem involving the norm of a fractional derivative, and may be used to build new families of wavelet bases with a continuously varying order parameter. Expand
Real quaternionic calculus handbook
1 An introduction to quaternions.- 2 Quaternions and spatial rotation.- 3 Quaternion sequences.- 4 Quaternion series and infinite products.- 5 Exponents and logarithms.- 6 Trigonometric functions.- 7Expand
Quaternionic Wavelets
Quaternion-valued functions have been used as a model for colour images and have recently been studied using various Fourier-type transforms. We develop some fundamental wavelet theory forExpand
On the asymptotic convergence of B-spline wavelets to Gabor functions
It is proven that these B-spline wavelets converge to Gabor functions (modulated Gaussian) pointwise and in all L/sub p/-norms with 1 > 1. Expand
A Mathematical Introduction to Wavelets
This book presents a mathematical introduction to the theory of orthogonal wavelets and their uses in analysing functions and function spaces, both in one and in several variables. Starting with aExpand
The Monogenic Wavelet Transform
It is shown that themonogenic wavelet annihilates anti-monogenic signals, that the monogenic wavelets transform is phase-shift covariant and that the transform magnitude is phase -shift invariant. Expand
Framelets: MRA-based constructions of wavelet frames☆☆☆
We discuss wavelet frames constructed via multiresolution analysis (MRA), with emphasis on tight wavelet frames. In particular, we establish general principles and specific algorithms forExpand
Mathematical Methods for Physicists
Vector Analysis. Curved Coordinates, Tensors. Determinants and Matrices. Group Theory. Infinite Series. Functions of a Complex Variable I. Functions of a Complex Variable II. Differential Equations.Expand
  • Blu and M. Unser, Complex B-Splines, Appl. Comput. Harm. Anal. 20
  • 2006