Quaternion Gravi-Electromagnetism

  title={Quaternion Gravi-Electromagnetism},
  author={A. S. Rawat and O. P. S. Negi},
  journal={International Journal of Theoretical Physics},
  • A. S. Rawat, O. Negi
  • Published 5 July 2011
  • Physics
  • International Journal of Theoretical Physics
Defining the generalized charge, potential, current and generalized fields as complex quantities where real and imaginary parts represent gravitation and electromagnetism respectively, corresponding field equation, equation of motion and other quantum equations are derived in manifestly covariant manner. It has been shown that the field equations are invariant under Lorentz as well as duality transformations. It has been shown that the quaternionic formulation presented here remains invariant… 
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The generalized description of electromagnetism and linear gravity based on the combined dual numbers and complex quaternion algebra is proposed and the similarity and isomorphism of distinctive algebraic structures are revealed.
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  • M. E. Kansu
  • Geology
    International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics
  • 2019
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