Quasiparticle transformation during a metal-insulator transition in graphene.

  title={Quasiparticle transformation during a metal-insulator transition in graphene.},
  author={Aaron Bostwick and J L McChesney and Konstantin V. Emtsev and Thomas Seyller and Karsten Horn and Stephen D. Kevan and Eli Rotenberg},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={103 5},
Here we show, with simultaneous transport and photoemission measurements, that the graphene-terminated SiC(0001) surface undergoes a metal-insulator transition upon dosing with small amounts of atomic hydrogen. We find the room temperature resistance increases by about 4 orders of magnitude, a transition accompanied by anomalies in the momentum-resolved spectral function including a non-Fermi-liquid behavior and a breakdown of the quasiparticle picture. These effects are discussed in terms of a… CONTINUE READING