Quasichemical Models of Multicomponent Nonlinear Diffusion

  title={Quasichemical Models of Multicomponent Nonlinear Diffusion},
  author={Alexander N. Gorban and H. Sargsyan and H. A. Wahab},
  journal={Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena},
  • Alexander N. Gorban, H. Sargsyan, H. A. Wahab
  • Published 2011
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena
  • Diffusion preserves the positivity of concentrations, therefore, multicomponent diffu- sion should be nonlinear if there exist non-diagonal terms. The vast variety of nonlinear multicom- ponent diffusion equations should be ordered and special tools are needed to provide the systematic construction of the nonlinear diffusion equations for multicomponent mixtures with significant in- teraction between components. We develop an approach to nonlinear multicomponent diffusion based on the idea of… CONTINUE READING
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