Quasi-solitonic behavior of self-written waveguides created by photopolymerization.

  title={Quasi-solitonic behavior of self-written waveguides created by photopolymerization.},
  author={Kokou Dodzi Dorkenoo and O. Cr{\'e}gut and Lo{\"i}c Mager and Fabrice Gillot and Christiane Carr{\'e} and Alain Fort},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={27 20},
We investigated the condition of unique self-written channel and multichannel propagation inside bulk photopolymerizable materials. Light was introduced in the medium by a single-mode optical fiber. At a very low beam power of 5 muW , a unique uniform-channel waveguide without any broadening was obtained by polymerization. When the input power is increased to 100 muW , the guide becomes chaotic and multichannel. We connected two fibers separated by a 1-cm distance. The results open the door to… CONTINUE READING
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