Quasi-periodicity and multi-scale resonators for the reduction of seismic vibrations in fluid-solid systems

  title={Quasi-periodicity and multi-scale resonators for the reduction of seismic vibrations in fluid-solid systems},
  author={G. Carta and Alexander B. Movchan and Luca Prakash Argani and Oreste S. Bursi},
  journal={International Journal of Engineering Science},

Gyro-elastic beams for the vibration reduction of long flexural systems

A design of an earthquake protection system using a chiral multi-structure incorporating gyro-elastic beams is offered here, as an interesting application of vibration isolation.

A novel insight into vertical ground motion modelling in earthquake engineering

  • L. ArganiA. Gajo
  • Engineering
    International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics
  • 2021
Recent observations of failure and damage of buildings and structures under seismic action has led to an increasing interest for an in‐depth analysis of the vertical component of site ground motion.

Trapped Modes and Negative Refraction in a Locally Resonant Metamaterial: Transient Insights into Manufacturing Bounds for Ultrasonic Applications

The transient scattering of in-plane elastic waves from a finite-sized periodic structure, comprising a regular grid of Swiss-cross holes arranged according to a square lattice, is considered. The

Vibration mitigation of an MDoF system subjected to stochastic loading by means of hysteretic nonlinear locally resonant metamaterials

This paper proposes to optimize a finite locally resonant metafoundation equipped with massive resonators and fully nonlinear hysteretic devices to mitigate absolute accelerations and displacements in the low-frequency regime of multiple-degrees-of-freedom fuel storage tanks subjected to stochastic seismic excitations.

Some considerations about vertical ground motions modelling in earthquake engineering

One of the current main challenges in Geotechnical and Structural Engineering is the analysis of the vertical component of site ground motion. In engineering practice, a simplified formulation of the

Multi-Physics of Dynamic Elastic Metamaterials and Earthquake Systems

Microstructured materials, namely metamaterials, are one of the most relevant topics of the recent period due to their interdisciplinary nature. Driven by their wide range of applications, we provide

Design of a Metamaterial-Based Foundation for Fuel Storage Tanks and Experimental Evaluation of its Effect on a Pipeline System

  • Materials Science
  • 2020
1 Moritz, Wenzel University of Trento, Department of Civ., Env. and Mech. Engineering Via Mesiano 77, 38123 Trento, Italy moritz.wenzel@unitn.it Francesco, Basone University of Enna "Kore"



Dynamic response and localization in strongly damaged waveguides

In this paper, we investigate the formation of band-gaps and localization phenomena in an elastic strip nearly disintegrated by an array of transverse cracks. We analyse the eigenfrequencies of

The Chilean earthquakes of May, 1960: A structural engineering viewpoint

The series of major earthquakes which occurred in south-central Chile during May of 1960 were of large Richter magnitude and were accompanied by major geologic changes. Epicenters were distributed

Dynamic pressures on accelerated fluid containers

An analysis is presented of the hydrodynamic pressures developed when a fluid container is subjected to horizontal accelerations. Simplified formulas are given for containers having twofold symmetry,

Phononic Band Gap Systems in Structural Mechanics: Finite Slender Elastic Structures and Infinite Periodic Waveguides

The paper presents a novel spectral approach, accompanied by an asymptotic model and numerical simulations for slender elastic systems such as long bridges or tall buildings. The focus is on


Abstract After brief reference to some early studies by other investigators, this paper focuses mainly on methods developed at the University of Southampton since 1964 to analyze and predict the free