Quasi-nondegenerate pump–probe magnetooptical experiment in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure based on spectral filtration

  title={Quasi-nondegenerate pump–probe magnetooptical experiment in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure based on spectral filtration},
  author={M. Sur{\'y}nek and Luk{\'a}{\vs} N{\'a}dvorn{\'i}k and Eva Schmoranzerova and Petr Němec},
  journal={New Journal of Physics},
We report on a quasi-nondegenerate pump-probe technique that is based on spectral-filtration of femtosecond laser pulses by a pair of mutually-spectrally-disjunctive interference filters. This cost- and space-efficient approach can be used even in pump-probe microscopy where collinear propagation of pump and probe pulses is dictated by utilization of a microscopic objective. This technique solves the contradictory requirements on an efficient removal of pump photons from the probe beam, to… 

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