Quasi-hereditary algebras and generalized Koszul duality

  title={Quasi-hereditary algebras and generalized Koszul duality},
  author={Dag Oskar Madsen},
  journal={Journal of Algebra},
  • D. Madsen
  • Published 2 January 2012
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Algebra

Extension Algebras of Standard Modules

Let A be a basic finite-dimensional k-algebra standardly stratified for a partial order ≤and Δ be the direct sum of all standard modules. In this article, we study the extension algebra of standard

Quasi-hereditary covers of higher zigzag-algebras

The aim of this paper is to define and study some quasi-hereditary covers for higher zigzag algebras. We will show how these algebras satisfy three different Koszul properties: they are Koszul in the

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In this thesis we look at higher zigzag algebras Zds of type A as a generalization of Brauer tree algebras whose tree is a line. We recall the presentation of these algebras as path algebras with

Q-Koszul Algebras and Three Conjectures

In previous work, the authors introduced the notion of Q-Koszul algebras, as a tool to "model" module categories for semisimple algebraic groups over fields of large characteristics. Here we suggest

Some Homological Properties of Tensor and Wreath Products of Quasi-Hereditary Algebras

We show that taking the wreath product of a quasi-hereditary algebra with the symmetric group inherits several homological properties of the original algebra, namely BGG duality, standard Koszulity,

Further Properties of Koszul Pairs and Applications

In this paper we continue the study of Koszul pairs, focusing on new applications. First, we prove in a unifying way several equivalent descriptions of Koszul rings, some of them being well known in

Further Properties and Applications of Koszul Pairs

Koszul pairs were introduced in (arXiv:1011.4243) as an instrument for the study of Koszul rings. In this paper, we continue the enquiry of such pairs, focusing on the description of the second

A generalized Koszul theory and its applications in representation theory.

University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. August 2012. Major: Mathematics. Advisor: Liping Li. 1 computer file (PDF); iii, 128 pages.



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