Quasi-Two-Dimensional Turbulence in MHD Shear Flows : The “MATUR” Experiment and Simulations

  title={Quasi-Two-Dimensional Turbulence in MHD Shear Flows : The “MATUR” Experiment and Simulations},
  author={Yves Delannoy and Boyer Pascal and Thierry Alboussi{\`e}re and V. V. Uspenski and R{\'e}ne Moreau},
An experiment and numerical simulations have been carried out to investigate the properties of 2D turbulence in a mercury layer in the presence of a steady magnetic field. Visualisation of the vortices and quantitative measurements of the velocity were recorded, via the observation of the free surface and using potential probes located at the bottom of the fluid layer. In parallel, some 2D numerical simulations were issued, using laminar Navier-Stokes equations with a source term modelling the… CONTINUE READING


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