Quasi-Synchronous Cooperative Networks: A Practical Cooperative Transmission Protocol

  title={Quasi-Synchronous Cooperative Networks: A Practical Cooperative Transmission Protocol},
  author={S. Sugiura and Soon Xin Ng and Lingkun Kong and Sheng Chen and Lajos Hanzo Hanzo},
  journal={IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine},
In this article, we propose a cooperative space-time coding (STC) protocol, amalgamating the concepts of asynchronous cooperation, noncoherent detection, as well as distributed turbo coding (DTC), where neither symbol-level time synchronization nor channel-state information (CSI) estimation is required at any of the cooperating nodes, while attaining high performance even at low signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs). More specifically assuming the system configuration of a single source node, multiple… CONTINUE READING
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