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Quasi-Stirling Permutations on Multisets

  title={Quasi-Stirling Permutations on Multisets},
  author={Sherry H.F.Yan and Lihong Yang and Yunwei Huang and Xue Zhu},
A permutation π of a multiset is said to be a quasi-Stirling permutation if there does not exist four indices i < j < k < ` such that πi = πk and πj = π`. Define QM(t, u, v) = ∑ π∈QM tuv, where QM denotes the set of quasi-Stirling permutations on the multiset M, and asc(π) (resp. des(π), plat(π)) denotes the number of ascents (resp. descents, plateaux) of π. Denote byMσ the multiset {1σ1 ,2σ2 , . . . , nσn}, where σ = (σ1, σ2, . . . , σn) is an n-composition of K for positive integers K and n… 

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