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Quasi Principally Injective Modules

  title={Quasi Principally Injective Modules},
  author={M. K. Patel and B. M. Pandeya and A. J. Gupta and V. Venkata Kumar},
In this paper we have studied the properties of quasi principally injective modules related to Hopfian, co-Hopfian, directly finite and epiretractable modules. Apart from this we have proved that every epi-retractable quasi principally injective module is Hopfian. Mathematics Subject Classification: 16D10, 16D50, 16D60 
Some aspects of quasi-pseudo principally injective modules
In this paper, the notion of quasi-pseudo injectivity relative to a class of submodules, namely, quasi-pseudo principally injective has been studied. This notion is closed under direct summands.
On M-Principally Injective and Projective S-acts
In this paper, we have introduced the notions of M-cyclic S-acts, M-principally projective and injective S-acts, semi-projective S-acts and co-cyclic S-acts, whereM is a right S-act. Several
Let R be a ring. In this note we study some properties of GQP-injective R−modules, some results on GP-injective rings and QP-injective modules are extended to these modules. Some new properties of
On NIL n-Injective Rings
The definition of right nil n-injective ring is given, it is a generalization of nil injective rings and various results are developed, many extending known results.
Regular endomorphism rings and principally injective modules
A submodule N of M is called fully invariant if f(N) ≤ N for all f ∈ End(M). In this paper, we consider a generalization of fully invariant submodules and its applications. In particular, regularity
Modules whose Closed M-Cyclics are Summand
We introduce the concept of CMS modules. A right R-module M is called CMS if, every closed M-cyclic submodule of M is a direct summand. An example of CMS module which is not CS is given. We
On Slightly Compressible-Injective Modules
In this paper, we introduce the concept of slightly compressible-injective modules, following this, a right R-module N is called an M-slightly compressible-injective module, if every R-homomorphism
On Fully-M-Cyclic Modules
The aim of this work was to generalize generator, $M$-generated modules in order to apply them to a wider class of rings and modules. We started by establishing a new concept which is called a
Let R be a ring. A right R-module M is called simple principally quasi -injective (briefly SPQ-injective) if, every R-homomorphism from a principal submodule of M to M with simple image extends to an
On GC2 modules and their endomorphism rings
Let R be a ring. A module MR is said to be GC2 if for any N≤ M with N≅ M, N is a direct summand of M. In this article, we give some characterizations and properties of GC2 modules and their


Quasi-Frobenius Rings: List of Symbols
Rings and Categories of Modules
This book is intended to provide a self-contained account of much of the theory of rings and modules. The theme of the text throughout is the relationship between the one-sided ideal structure a ring
Principally Injective Rings
Abstract A ring R is called right principally injective if every R -homomorphism from a principal right ideal to R is left multiplication by an element of R . In this paper various properties of
Continuous and discrete module
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 1990
Properties of endomorphism rings
On Quasi Principally Injective Modules
  • Algebra Colloquium, 6(3)
  • 1999