Quasi-Newtonian Cosmological Models in hScalar-Tensor Theories of Gravity

  title={Quasi-Newtonian Cosmological Models in hScalar-Tensor Theories of Gravity},
  author={Heba Sami and Amare Ayalew Abebe},
  • Heba Sami, Amare Ayalew Abebe
  • Published 2018
  • Physics
  • In this contribution, classes of shear-free cosmological dust models with irrotational fluid flows will be investigated in the context of scalar-tensor theories of gravity. In particular, the integrability conditions describing a consistent evolution of the linearised field equations of quasi-Newtonian universes are presented. We also derive the covariant density and velocity propagation equations of such models and analyse the corresponding solutions to these perturbation equations. 

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