Quasi-Newton Waveform Relaxation Based on Energy Method

  title={Quasi-Newton Waveform Relaxation Based on Energy Method},
  author={Yao Miao},
  journal={Journal of Computational Mathematics},
  • Y. Miao
  • Published 1 June 2018
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Computational Mathematics
A quasi-Newton waveform relaxation (WR) algorithm for semi-linear reaction-diffusion equations is presented at first in this paper. Using the idea of energy estimate, a general proof method for convergence of the continuous case and the discrete case of quasi-Newton WR is given, which appears to be the superlinear rate. The semi-linear wave equation and semi-linear coupled equations can similarly be solved by quasi-Newton WR algorithm and be proved as convergent with the energy inequalities… 

A parareal approach of semi‐linear parabolic equations based on general waveform relaxation

The results show that the algorithm for initial‐boundary value problem is superlinearly convergent while both algorithms for the time‐periodic boundary value problem linearly converge to the exact solutions at most.

Waveform relaxation of partial differential equations

This short paper concludes a general waveform relaxation (WR) method at the PDE level for semi-linear reaction-diffusion equations. For the case of multiple coupled PDE(s), new Jacobi WR and