Quasi-Multistatic MIST Beamforming for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer

  title={Quasi-Multistatic MIST Beamforming for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer},
  author={Martin O'Halloran and Edward Jones and Martin Glavin},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering},
Microwave imaging via space-time (MIST) beamforming has been shown to be one of the most promising imaging modalities for detecting small malignant breast tumors. This paper outlines two modifications to the MIST system developed by Hagness for the early detection of breast cancer, resulting in a quasi-multistatic MIST beamformer (multi-MIST). Multistatic MIST beamforming involves illuminating the breast with an ultrawideband (UWB) signal from one antenna while collecting the reflections at an… CONTINUE READING
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