Quasi-Kan extensions for 2-categories

  title={Quasi-Kan extensions for 2-categories},
  author={J. Gray},
  journal={Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society},
  • J. Gray
  • Published 1974
  • Mathematics
  • Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
Pseudo-Kan Extensions and Descent Theory
There are two main constructions in classical descent theory: the category of algebras and the descent category, which are known to be examples of weighted bilimits. We give a formal approach toExpand
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2-Theories are a canonical way of describing categories with extra structure. 2-theory-morphisms are used when discussing how one structure can be replaced with another structure. This is central toExpand
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Coherence, Homotopy and 2-Theories
Theories are a canonical way of describing categories with extra struc- ture. 2-theory-morphisms are used when discussing how one structure can be replaced with another structure. This is central toExpand
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This article tackles categorical coherence within a two-dimensional generalization of Lawvere’s functorial semantics. 2-theories, a syntactical way of describing categories with structure, areExpand
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Cet article etudie la coherence categorique dans le cadre d'une generalisation 2-dimensionnelle de la semantique fonctorielle de Lawvere. On y presente les 2-theories, maniere syntactique de decrireExpand


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Formal category theory: adjointness for 2-categories
Categories.- 2-categories.- Bicategories.- Properties of Fun(A,B) and Pseud(A,B).- Properties of 2-comma categories.- Adjoint morphisms in 2-categories.- Quasi-adjointness.
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