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Quasar Lensing: the Observer's Point of View

  title={Quasar Lensing: the Observer's Point of View},
  author={Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Courbin},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
  • F. Courbin
  • Published 28 April 2003
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Astrophysics
The determination of the Hubble parameter H0 is probably one of the most important applications of quasar lensing. The method, based on the measurement of the so-called "time-delay" between the lensed images of distant sources, e.g., quasars, and on detailed mass mod- eling of the potential well responsible for the multiple images, yields an accuracy at least comparable with other techniques and that can be im- proved further with high precision observations, as can be obtained with… 
Estimating cosmological parameters from future gravitational lens surveys
Upcoming ground- and space-based observatories, such as the Dark Energy Survey (DES), the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, the Joint Dark Energy Mission concepts and the Square Kilometre Array,
We examine the ability of gravitational lens time delays to reveal complex structure in lens potentials. In a previous paper, we predicted how the time delay between the bright pair of images in a
Random time series in astronomy
  • S. Vaughan
  • Physics, Engineering
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2013
The recent and future challenges in the burgeoning area of time domain astrophysics are reviewed, with particular attention to persistently variable sources, the recovery of reliable noise power spectra from sparsely sampled time series, higher order properties of accreting black holes, and time delays and correlations in multi-variate time series.


Keck Spectroscopy of the Gravitational Lens System PG 1115+080: Redshifts of the Lensing Galaxies.
The quadruple system PG 1115+080 is the second gravitational lens with a reported measurement of the Hubble constant. In addition to the primary lens, three nearby galaxies are believed to contribute