Quartz and dust exposure in Swedish iron foundries.

  title={Quartz and dust exposure in Swedish iron foundries.},
  author={Lena M C Andersson and I Bryngelsson and C. G. Ohlson and Peter Naystr{\"o}m and Bengt-Gunnar Lilja and H{\aa}kan B T Westberg},
  journal={Journal of occupational and environmental hygiene},
  volume={6 1},
Exposure to respirable quartz continues to be a major concern in the Swedish iron foundry industry. Recommendations for reducing the European occupational exposure limit (EU-OEL) to 0.05 mg/m3 and the corresponding ACGIH(R) threshold limit value (ACGIH-TLV) to 0.025 mg/m3 prompted this exposure survey. Occupational exposure to respirable dust and respirable quartz were determined in 11 Swedish iron foundries, representing different sizes of industrial operation and different manufacturing… CONTINUE READING