Quark stars and quantum-magnetically induced collapse

  title={Quark stars and quantum-magnetically induced collapse},
  author={Aurora P{\'e}rez Mart{\'i}nez and Hugo P{\'e}rez Rojas and Herman J. Mosquera Cuesta and M. Boligan and Milva Gabriela Orsaria},
Quark matter is expected to exist in the interior of compact stellar objects as neutron stars or even the more exotic strange stars, based on the Bodmer–Witten conjecture. Bare strange quark stars and (normal) strange quark-matter stars, those possessing a baryon (electron-supported) crust, are hypothesized as good candidates to explain the properties of a set of peculiar stellar sources such as the enigmatic X-ray source RX J1856.5-3754, some pulsars such as PSR B1828-11 and PSR B1642-03, and… CONTINUE READING

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