Quark-diquark potential and diquark mass from Lattice QCD

  title={Quark-diquark potential and diquark mass from Lattice QCD},
  author={Kai Watanabe},
We propose a new application of lattice QCD to calculate the quark-diquark potential, diquark mass and quark mass required for the diquark model. As a concrete example, we consider the Λc baryon and treat it as a charm-diquark(c-[ud]) two-body bound state. We extend the HAL QCD method to calculate the charm-diquark potential which reproduces the equal-time Nambu-BetheSalpeter wave function of the S-wave state (Λc( 1 2 + )). The diquark mass is determined so as to reproduce the difference… 

Tetraquarks and pentaquarks in lattice QCD with light and heavy quarks

We review how lattice QCD can contribute to the prediction and the comprehension of tetraquarks, pentaquarks and related exotic hadrons such as hybrids, with at least one heavy quark. We include all

Diquark Induced Short-Range Nucleon-Nucleon Correlations \&the EMC Effect

Diquark formation across a short-range nucleon-nucleon pair is proposed as the underlying QCD physics of short-range correlations (SRC) in nuclei. SRC pairs have been proposed as the cause of



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A status report is made of an on-going full QCD study on the CP-PACS aiming at a comparative analysis ofthe effects of improving gauge and quark actions on hadronic quantities and static quark

Et al

A large population-based survey of veterans and nondeployed controls found evidence of a deployment-related Gulf War syndrome by factor analysis in Air Force veterans and controls.


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From fields to strings: Circumnavigating theoretical physics: Ian Kogan memorial collection

SL(2,Z) Action on Three-Dimensional Conformal Field Theories with Abelian Symmetry (E Witten) The Search for a Holographic Dual to AdS3xS3xS3xS1 Chern-Simons Gauge Theory and the AdS3/CFT2


SESAM Collaboration

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