Quantumf-divergences in von Neumann algebras. II. Maximalf-divergences

  title={Quantumf-divergences in von Neumann algebras. II. Maximalf-divergences},
  author={Fumio Hiai},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Physics},
  • Fumio Hiai
  • Published 9 July 2018
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Journal of Mathematical Physics
As a continuation of the paper [20] on standard $f$-divergences, we make a systematic study of maximal $f$-divergences in general von Neumann algebras. For maximal $f$-divergences, apart from their definition based on Haagerup's $L^1$-space, we present the general integral expression and the variational expression in terms of reverse tests. From these definition and expressions we prove important properties of maximal $f$-divergences, for instance, the monotonicity inequality, the joint… 
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Quantum Rényi divergences and the strong converse exponent of state discrimination in operator algebras

The sandwiched R´enyi α -divergences of two normal states on an injective von Neumann algebra are shown to have an operational interpretation similar to that of the finite-dimensional case, and the above operational interpretation holds more generally for pairs of states on a nuclear C ∗ -algebra.

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Measured f-Divergences



Quantumf-divergences in von Neumann algebras. I. Standardf-divergences

  • F. Hiai
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Mathematical Physics
  • 2018
We make a systematic study of standard $f$-divergences in general von Neumann algebras. An important ingredient of our study is to extend Kosaki's variational expression of the relative entropy to an

Different quantum f-divergences and the reversibility of quantum operations

This paper compares the standard and the maximal $f-divergences regarding their ability to detect the reversibility of quantum operations, and studies the monotonicity of the Renyi divergences under the special class of bistochastic maps that leave one of the arguments of theRenyi divergence invariant.

Quantum f-divergences and error correction

It is shown that the quantum f-divergences are monotonic under the dual of Schwarz maps whenever the defining function is operator convex, and an integral representation for operator conveX functions on the positive half-line is provided, which is the main ingredient in extending previously known results on the monotonicity inequality and the case of equality.

The Radon-Nikodym theorem for von neumann algebras

Let ϕ be a faithful normal semi-finite weight on a von Neumann algebraM. For each normal semi-finite weight ϕ onM, invariant under the modular automorphism group Σ of ϕ, there is a unique

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A Riesz–Thorin theorem for Araki-Masuda’s weighted non-commutative vector-valued Lp-spaces is derived and an Araki–Lieb–Thirring inequality for states on von Neumann algebras is derived.

On Approximately Finite-Dimensional Von Neuman Algebras, II

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Relative entropy in CFT

Sufficient subalgebras and the relative entropy of states of a von Neumann algebra

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Approximately Finite Dimensional von Neumann Algebras

The classification of factors up to isomorphism has been the major focal point of the theory of operator algebras ever since the pioneering work of Murray and von Neumann. It’s completion is still