Quantum weights of monopoles and calorons with non-trivial holonomy

  title={Quantum weights of monopoles and calorons with non-trivial holonomy},
  author={Dmitri Diakonov},
The functional determinant is computed exactly for quantum oscillations about periodic instantons with non-trivial values of the Polyakov line at spatial infinity (or holonomy). Such instantons can be viewed as composed of the Bogomolnyi--Prasad--Sommerfeld (BPS) monopoles or dyons. We find the weight or the probability with which dyons occur in the pure Yang--Mills partition function. It turns out that dyons experience quantum interactions having the familiar ''linear plus Coulomb'' form but… 
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Based on the work in collaboration with Nikolay Gromov, Victor Petrov and Sergey Slizovskiy

  • Continuous Advances in QCD, Minneapolis
  • 2004

At large separation of constituent dyons, they experience a linear rising attraction if 1 below critical T c ≃ 1.125 Λ trivial holonomy becomes unstable, and calorons "ionize" into separate dyons