Quantum twistors

  title={Quantum twistors},
  author={Dalia Cervantes and Rita Fioresi and Mar{\'i}a A. Lled{\'o} and Felip Nadal},
  journal={P-Adic Numbers, Ultrametric Analysis, and Applications},
We compute explicitly a star product on the Minkowski space whose Poisson bracket is quadratic. This star product corresponds to a deformation of the conformal spacetime, whose big cell is the Minkowski spacetime. The description of Minkowski space is made in the twistor formalism and the quantization follows by substituting the classical conformal group by a quantum group. 
Quantum Supertwistors
Limiting to the big cell of the super Grassmannian Gr(2|0, 4|1) allows us to compute explicitly the super star product lead by a quadratic Poisson bracket, which induces a quantum deformation of the homogeneous superspace.
The Segre embedding of the quantum conformal superspace
In this paper study the quantum deformation of the superflag Fl(2|0, 2|1,4|1), and its big cell, describing the complex conformal and Minkowski superspaces respectively. In particular, we realize


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