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Quantum transport efficiency in noisy random-removal and small-world networks

  title={Quantum transport efficiency in noisy random-removal and small-world networks},
  author={Arzu Kurt and Matteo A. C. Rossi and Jyrki Piilo},
. We report the results of an in-depth study of the role of graph topology on quantum transport efficiency in random removal and Watts-Strogatz networks. By using four different environmental models – noiseless, driving by classical random telegraph noise (RTN), thermal quantum bath, and bath+RTN – we compare the role of the environment and of the change in network topology in determining the quantum transport efficiency. We find that small and specific changes in network topology is more effective in… 

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Theory of open quantum systems

A quantum dissipation theory is constructed with the system–bath interaction being treated rigorously at the second-order cumulant level for both reduced dynamics and initial canonical boundary

The Theory of Open Quantum Systems

PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS PART 1: PROBABILITY IN CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM MECHANICS 1. Classical probability theory and stochastic processes 2. Quantum Probability PART 2: DENSITY MATRIX THEORY 3.

NPJ Quantum Inf . 4 33 [ 26 ] Zerah - Harush E and Dubi Y 2018

  • Phys . Rev . A
  • 2018