Quantum teleportation with a complete Bell state measurement

  title={Quantum teleportation with a complete Bell state measurement},
  author={Yoon-Ho Kim and Sergei Kulik and Yanhua Shih},
  journal={Journal of Modern Optics},
  pages={221 - 236}
By using the quantum teleportation protocol, Alice can send an unknown quantum state (e.g. the polarization of a single photon) to Bob without ever knowing about it. This paper discusses a quantum teleportation experiment in which nonlinear interactions are used for the Bell state measurement. Since the Bell state measurement is based on nonlinear interactions, all four Bell states can be distinguished. Therefore, teleportation of a polarization state can occur with certainty, in principle… 

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A novel Bell-state analyzer for time-bin qubits allowing the detection of three out of four Bell states with linear optics, two detectors, and no auxiliary photons is presented, demonstrating the power of generalized quantum measurements.

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In this paper we propose a perfect teleportation protocol for certain class of three-qubit entangled states. The class of states which are teleported, is larger than those considered by Nie et al.

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Abstract A quantum teleportation over long distances is reported. Alice's unknown quantum state carried by a 1300 nm photon is teleported onto Bob's 1550 nm photon. Bob is situated in another lab

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in this paper we present an information delay protocol using quantum the Bell state measurement. By sharing EPR(Einstain-Rosen-Podolsky) pairs and perform Control-NOT operation and the Bell state



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The first realization of unconditional quantum teleportation where every state entering the device is actually teleported is realized, using squeezed-state entanglement.

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We report on a quantum optical experimental implementation of teleportation of unknown pure quantum states. This realizes all of the nonlocal aspects of the original scheme proposed by Bennett et al.

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It is shown that during teleportation, one of a pair of entangled photons are subjected to a measurement such that the second photon of the entangled pair acquires the polarization of the initial photon.

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A set of commuting observables whose measurement directly projects onto the Bell basis is found, allowing, for the first time, total teleportation of the state of a single external photon through a direct projective measurement.

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Recent experimental results and proposals towards implementation of quantum teleportation are discussed. It is proved that reliable (theoretically, 100% probability of success) teleportation cannot

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It is shown that, using the recently demonstrated ultraslow light propagation in cold atomic media, the proposed quantum teleportation of the polarization state of a photon employing a cross-Kerr medium can be realized with presently available technology.

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Recently published optical experiments which investigate the effect of “quantum teleportation” are analyzed. It is shown that the occurrence of teleportation (copying) of the polarization of one

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We discuss a method for distinguishing the four orthogonal Bell states of two entangled particles. Because the scheme relies only on linear optical elements, it should be realizable with current

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An unknown quantum state \ensuremath{\Vert}\ensuremath{\varphi}〉 can be disassembled into, then later reconstructed from, purely classical information and purely nonclassical Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen