Quantum teleportation achieved over record distances

  title={Quantum teleportation achieved over record distances},
  author={John Matson},
  • John Matson
  • Published 13 August 2012
  • Computer Science
  • Nature
The secure method of speedy communication of information could lead to space-based transmission. 
An Enhanced Cloud Security Using Quantum Teleportation
The concept of implementing quantum teleportation i.e., telecommunication + transportation in the cloud environment for the enhancement of cloud security and also to improve speed of data transfer through the quantum repeaters is proposed.
Quantum Entanglement Results from Quantum State Transition at Fast-Than-Light Speed with Matter Wave’s Phase Velocity
  • Wang Xinye
  • Physics
    Physical Science & Biophysics Journal
  • 2021
The quantum entanglement, that violates the local realism and other classical physics theories, leads to various counterintuitive phenomena, is a primary feature of quantum mechanics and probably
Non-quantum entanglement through time and gravity
In our previous paper [1] we show a paradox that leads to the conclusion that anti- matter must have "anti-gravity". Based on this conclusion we claim that matter and anti-matter preserve two new
A Wave-Particle Duality Interpretation Based on Dark Energy
Every elementary particle or quantic entity may be partly described in terms not only of particles, but also of waves. It expresses the inability of the classical concepts particle or wave to fully
The Gateway to Parallel Universe & Connected Physics
The anisotropy in the CMBR detected by the COBE satellite has sprouted the research and theories of the void that got created, after being washed away by a parallel universe after its collision. This
The Duality of the Mass as a Basis of the Field-Forces
The matter-waves, well-known from numerous experiments, can be described as beat waves of two counter-moving waves. Thus mass is oscillating space-time, which results from the superposition of two
Grounding the Bubbleverse
Argument is presented of the impossibility of the world to exist without a conscious observer and illustrated by examples from developmental psychology and cosmology. A corollary of the inseparable
The Geometry of the Act∗
At the heart of physics is the representation of movement. But what movement is and how we are given to represent it is a metaphysical question. This article attacks the metaphysics underlying
Intention not Theory: the Vertigo of Love
A Theory of Everything (TOE) must be based on a principle so simple and powerful that it can explain not only all physics, but provide an answer to all philosophical questions and above all explain
A qualitative discussion on the principle of similar supporting the use of Arsenicum album against corona infectious diseases
It is demonstrated that the LCL principle has quantum biological foundation arising from quantum coherence (QC) between the ionic charges around the diseased cell and those associated with the disease curing agent NAM.