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Quantum t-design

  title={Quantum t-design},
  author={Mohammad Derakhshani},
The Classical notions of Computation are rapidly entering Quantum Computation. People try to find Quantum counterparts for Classical concepts. In this essay, we will discuss about classical t-design, the quantum counterpart, Mutual Unbiased bases and a new technique for evaluating the expectation of a polynomial over Haar measure. 
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Minimax quantum state estimation under Bregman divergence

We investigate minimax estimators for quantum state tomography under general Bregman divergences. First, generalizing the work of Koyama et al. [Entropy 19, 618 (2017)] for relative entropy, we find



Quantum t-designs: t-wise Independence in the Quantum World

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It is shown that an approximate 4-design provides a derandomization of the statedistinction problem considered by Sen (quant-ph/0512085), which is relevant to solving certain instances of the hidden subgroup problem.

Quantum Computing

Efficient Simulation of Random Quantum States and Operators

We investigate the generation of quantum states and unitary operations that are ``random'' in certain respects. We show how to use such states to estimate the average fidelity, an important measure

Quantum computation and quantum information

This chapter discusses quantum information theory, public-key cryptography and the RSA cryptosystem, and the proof of Lieb's theorem.

Reexamination of optimal quantum state estimation of pure states (5 pages)

A direct derivation is given for the optimal mean fidelity of quantum state estimation of a d-dimensional unknown pure state with its N copies given as input, which was first obtained by Hayashi in

Mutually unbiased bases are complex projective 2-designs

It is demonstrated that maximal sets of MUBs come with a rich combinatorial structure by showing that they actually are the same objects as the complex projective 2-designs with angle set {0, 1/d}.

Optimal state-determination by mutually unbiased measurements

Applied Algebra, Algebraic Algorithms and Error-Correcting Codes

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Efficient realizations of Reed-Muller codes are presented andGraphical models for codes arise from state realizations, and algebraic tools may improve such graph-based codes.


Dedicated to Krystyna Kuperberg on the occasion of her 60th birthday Abstract. Archimedes' hat-box theorem states that uniform measure on a sphere projects to uniform measure on an interval. This

Basic Abstract Algebra

This book is intended as a text on abstract algebra for undergraduate students and is divided into five parts. The first part contains an informal introduction to sets, number systems, matrices, and