Quantum stochastic transport along chains

  title={Quantum stochastic transport along chains},
  author={Dekel Shapira and Doron Cohen},
  journal={Scientific Reports},
The spreading of a particle along a chain, and its relaxation , are central themes in statistical and quantum mechanics. One wonders what are the consequences of the interplay between coherent and stochastic transitions. This fundamental puzzle has not been addressed in the literature, though closely related themes were in the focus of the Physics literature throughout the last century, highlighting quantum versions of Brownian motion. Most recently this question has surfaced again in the… 
Breakdown of quantum-to-classical correspondence for diffusion in a high-temperature thermal environment
We re-consider the old problem of Brownian motion in homogeneous high-temperature thermal environment. The classical theory implies that the diffusion coefficient does not depend on whether the


Classical diffusion of a quantum particle in a noisy environment.
This work studies the spreading of a quantum-mechanical wave packet in a tight-binding model with a noisy potential and analytically calculates the dependence of the classical diffusion coefficient on the noise magnitude and correlation time.
Fundamental aspects of quantum Brownian motion.
The consequences of the time-reversal symmetry for an open dissipative quantum dynamics and a series of subtleties and possible pitfalls are discussed and the path integral methodology is applied to the decay of metastable states assisted by quantum Brownian noise.
A new model that generalizes the study of quantum Brownian motion (BM) is constructed. We consider disordered environment that may be either static (quenched), noisy or dynamical. The
Crossover between ballistic and diffusive transport: the quantum exclusion process
We study the evolution of a system of free fermions in one dimension under the simultaneous effects of coherent tunneling and stochastic Markovian noise. We identify a class of noise terms where a
Quantum Brownian motion in a periodic potential.
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It is suggested that the regime \ensuremath{\alpha}1 describes the physics of the observed nonmonotonic temperature dependence of muon diffusion in metals.
Coherent quantum transport in disordered systems: I. The influence of dephasing on the transport properties and absorption spectra on one-dimensional systems
Excitonic transport in static-disordered one dimensional systems is studied in the presence of thermal fluctuations that are described by the Haken–Strobl–Reineker model. For short times,
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The dynamics of a quantum particle coupled to an environment in an ohmic way and moving in a periodic potential is examined by means of a direct perturbation expansion of the equation of motion with
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We study the emergence of diffusion for a quantum particle moving in a finite and translationally invariant one-dimensional subsystem described by a tight-binding Hamiltonian with a single energy
Percolation, sliding, localization and relaxation in topologically closed circuits
It is shown that for a conservative stochastic process the implied spectral properties are dramatically different, and in particular the threshold for under-damped relaxation is determined, and “complexity saturation” as the bias is increased.