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Quantum stochastic theory of phonon scattering between polaritons

  title={Quantum stochastic theory of phonon scattering between polaritons},
  author={Paul Kinsler},
  journal={arXiv: Condensed Matter},
  • P. Kinsler
  • Published 12 December 2001
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Condensed Matter
Quantum stochastic operator equations are derived for inter-branch exciton and polariton processes caused by acoustic phonon scattering. The use of a fully quantum model combined with these recently developed techniques predicts the presence of ``stimulated scattering'' terms, and provides a sound basis for understanding the basis of the approximations used in generating the equations. The theory is applied to a model motivated by recent experiments where a stronger photoluminescence signal… 


Quantum Statistical Properties of Radiation
Dirac Formulation of Quantum Mechanics. Elementary Quantum Systems. Operator Algebra. Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field. Interaction of Radiation with Matter. Quantum Theory of
Many-particle physics
1. Introductory Material.- 1.1. Harmonic Oscillators and Phonons.- 1.2. Second Quantization for Particles.- 1.3. Electron - Phonon Interactions.- A. Interaction Hamiltonian.- B. Localized Electron.-