Quantum steering and quantum discord under noisy channels and entanglement swapping

  title={Quantum steering and quantum discord under noisy channels and entanglement swapping},
  author={Pedro Rosario and Andr{\'e}s F. Ducuara and Cristian E. Susa},
  journal={Physics Letters A},

Implementation of Two-Mode Gaussian States Whose Covariance Matrix Has the Standard Form

An architecture that implements with primitive components the given two-mode Gaussian state having the CM with the standard form (SF) that reduces the degrees of freedom to four real variables, while preserving all the relevant information on the state.



Bell Diagonal and Werner State Generation: Entanglement, Non-Locality, Steering and Discord on the IBM Quantum Computer

We propose the first correct special-purpose quantum circuits for preparation of Bell diagonal states (BDS), and implement them on the IBM Quantum computer, characterizing and testing complex aspects

Teleportation of entanglement over 143 km

An experimentally demonstrated entanglement swapping over 143 km between the Canary Islands of La Palma and Tenerife, proving the feasibility of this protocol to be implemented in a future global scenario and laying the ground for a fully fledged quantum repeater over a realistic high-loss and even turbulent quantum channel.

Nonlocality, Steering, and Quantum State Tomography in a Single Experiment.

This work identifies a simple and noise-robust correlation witness for entanglement detection, steering, and nonlocality that can be evaluated based on the outcome statistics obtained in the tomography experiment, and performs a photonics experiment to demonstrate quantum correlations under flexible assumptions.

Experimental demonstration of measurement-device-independent measure of quantum steering

This research introduces a measure of steerability in an MDI scenario, and proves that such a measure satisfies the convex steering monotone and is robust against not only measurement biases but also losses.

Quantification of Einstein-Podolski-Rosen steering for two-qubit states

This work proposes a measure of steering that is based on the maximal violation of well-established steering inequalities, and applies this approach to two-qubit states to derive simple closed formulas for steering in the two- and three-measurement scenarios.

Quantum Discord Determines the Interferometric Power of Quantum States

Quantum metrology exploits quantum mechanical laws to improve the precision in estimating technologically relevant parameters such as phase, frequency, or magnetic fields. Probe states are usually

Quantum discord for general two-qubit states: Analytical progress

We present a reliable algorithm to evaluate quantum discord for general two-qubit states, amending and extending an approach recently put forward for the subclass of X states. A closed expression for

Quantum steering ellipsoids, extremal physical states and monogamy

Any two-qubit state can be faithfully represented by a steering ellipsoid inside the Bloch sphere, but not every ellipsoid inside the Bloch sphere corresponds to a two-qubit state. We give necessary

Measures and applications of quantum correlations

This work gives an overview of the current quest for a proper understanding and characterisation of the frontier between classical and quantum correlations (QCs) in composite states, and focuses on various approaches to define and quantify general QCs, based on different yet interlinked physical perspectives.

Quantum-enhanced measurements without entanglement

Quantum-enhanced measurements exploit quantum mechanical effects for increasing the sensitivity of measurements of certain physical parameters and have great potential for both fundamental science