Quantum state transfer between two photons with polarization and orbital angular momentum via quantum teleportation technology

  title={Quantum state transfer between two photons with polarization and orbital angular momentum via quantum teleportation technology},
  author={Shihao Ru and Min An and Yu Yang and Rui Qu and Feiran Wang and Yunlong Wang and Pei Zhang and Fuli Li},
Quantum teleportation is a useful quantum information technology to transmit quantum states between different degrees of freedom. We here report a quantum state transfer experiment in the linear optical system, transferring a single photon state in the polarization degree of freedom (DoF) to another photon in the orbital angular momentum (OAM) quantum state via a biphoton OAM entangled channel. Our experimental method is based on quantum teleportation technology. The differences between ours… 

Optimal teleportation via a non-maximally entangled channel in qutrits system

This work has analyzed the security of the teleportation process, including particle transmission, and proved this process safe, and its results show that the success probability of teleporting a three-dimensional quantum state can be increased to 100%.

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Abstract. The simulation and analysis of a hyperentangled photon source based on polarization and transverse momentum are achieved using the MATLAB platform. The analysis includes determining the

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It has been confirmed beams carrying total angular momentums (TAMs) that consist of spin angular momentums (SAMs) and orbital angular momentums (OAMs) are widely used in classical and quantum optics.

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Photons are preferable carriers of quantum information having little interaction with environment. Most crucial elements of photonic quantum information processing are two qubit gates. Although usage

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Quantum teleportation of multiple degrees of freedom of a single photon

This work uses photon pairs entangled in both degrees of freedom (that is, hyper-entangled) as the quantum channel for teleportation, and develops a method to project and discriminate hyper-ENTangled Bell states by exploiting probabilistic quantum non-demolition measurement, which can be extended to more degrees offreedom.

Experimental High-Dimensional Quantum Teleportation.

  • Xiao-Min HuChao Zhang G. Guo
  • Physics, Computer Science
    Physical review letters
  • 2020
This work exploits the spatial mode of a single photon as the high-dimensional system, use two auxiliary entangled photons to realize a deterministic three-dimensional Bell state measurement, and proves that the teleportation is both nonclassical and genuine three dimensional.

Quantum Teleportation Between Discrete and Continuous Encodings of an Optical Qubit.

This work implements a protocol for teleporting a continuous-variable optical qubit, encoded by means of low-amplitude coherent states, onto a discrete-variable, single-rail qubit-a superposition of the vacuum and single-photon optical states-via a hybrid entangled resource.

Deterministic quantum teleportation through fiber channels

The deterministic teleportation of optical modes over a 6.0-km fiber channel is realized with continuous variable entanglement and a fidelity of 0.03 for the retrieved quantum state, which breaks through the classical limit of 1/2.

Quantum Teleportation in High Dimensions.

This work proposes a scheme for teleportation of arbitrarily high-dimensional photonic quantum states and demonstrates an example of teleporting a qutrit, confirming a genuine and nonclassical three-dimensional teleportation.

Quantum teleportation in the spin-orbit variables of photon pairs

We propose a polarization to orbital angular momentum teleportation scheme using entangled photon pairs generated by spontaneous parametric down-conversion. By making a joint detection of the

Deterministic quantum teleportation with atoms

Deterministic quantum-state teleportation between a pair of trapped calcium ions is reported, demonstrating unequivocally the quantum nature of the process.

Entanglement and teleportation between polarization and wave-like encodings of an optical qubit

The authors generate and characterize an entangled state between a dual-rail (polarization-encoded) single-photon qubit and a qubit encoded as a superposition of opposite-amplitude coherent states, and show teleportation of a polarization qubit onto a freely propagating continuous-variable qubit.

Experimental quantum teleportation

It is shown that during teleportation, one of a pair of entangled photons are subjected to a measurement such that the second photon of the entangled pair acquires the polarization of the initial photon.

Deterministic quantum teleportation of photonic quantum bits by a hybrid technique

This work experimentally realizes fully deterministic quantum teleportation of photonic qubits without post-selection, and even for a relatively low level of the entanglement, qubits are teleported much more efficiently than in previous experiments, albeit post-selectively, and with a fidelity comparable to the previously reported values.