Quantum-state engineering with Josephson-junction devices

  title={Quantum-state engineering with Josephson-junction devices},
  author={Yuriy Makhlin and G. A. Schoen and Alexander Shnirman},
  journal={Reviews of Modern Physics},
Quantum-state engineering, i.e., active control over the coherent dynamics of suitable quantum-mechanical systems, has become a fascinating prospect of modern physics. With concepts developed in atomic and molecular physics and in the context of NMR, the field has been stimulated further by the perspectives of quantum computation and communication. Low-capacitance Josephson tunneling junctions offer a promising way to realize quantum bits (qubits) for quantum information processing. The article… Expand
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Quantum state engineering, i.e., active control over the coherent dynamics of suitable quantum systems has become a fascinating prospect of modern physics. Low-capacitance Josephson junctions offer aExpand
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Preface P. Silvestrini. Macroscopic Quantum Coherence and Decoherence in SQUIDs A.J. Leggett. Macroscopic Quantum Coherence in an rf-SQUID J.R. Friedman, et al. Quantum-State Interference in aExpand