Quantum physics in one dimension

  title={Quantum physics in one dimension},
  author={T. Giamarchi},
1. Peculiarities of d=1 2. Bosonization 3. Luttinger liquids 4. Refinements 5. Microscopic methods 6. Spin 1/2 chains 7. Interacting fermions on a lattice 8. Coupled fermionic chains 9. Disordered systems 10. Boundaries and isolated impurities 11. Significant others A. Basics of many body B. Not so important fine technical points C. Correlation functions D. Bosonization directory E. Sine-Gordon F. Numerical solution 
Fractionalization Waves in Two-Dimensional Dirac Fermions: Quantum Imprint from One Dimension.
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Density waves in strongly correlated quantum chains
Renormalization Group and Asymptotic Spin-Charge Separation for Chiral Luttinger Liquids
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Physics in one dimension: theoretical concepts for quantum many-body systems