Quantum phases of vortices in rotating Bose-Einstein condensates.

  title={Quantum phases of vortices in rotating Bose-Einstein condensates.},
  author={Nigel R. Cooper and Nathaniel K Wilkin and J. M. F. Gunn},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={87 12},
We investigate the ground states of weakly interacting bosons in a rotating trap as a function of the number of bosons, N, and the average number of vortices, N(V). We identify the filling fraction nu identical with N/N(V) as the parameter controlling the nature of these states. We present results indicating that, as a function of nu, there is a zero temperature phase transition between a triangular vortex lattice phase, and strongly correlated vortex liquid phases. The vortex liquid phases… CONTINUE READING