Quantum phase transitions and continuous observation of spinor dynamics in an antiferromagnetic condensate.

  title={Quantum phase transitions and continuous observation of spinor dynamics in an antiferromagnetic condensate.},
  author={Y. Liu and S. Jung and Stephen Maxwell and Lincoln D. Turner and Eite Tiesinga and Paul D. Lett},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={102 12},
Condensates of spin-1 sodium display rich spin dynamics due to the antiferromagnetic nature of the interactions in this system. We use Faraday rotation spectroscopy to make a continuous and minimally destructive measurement of the dynamics over multiple spin oscillations on a single evolving condensate. This method provides a sharp signature to locate a magnetically tuned separatrix in phase space which depends on the net magnetization. We also observe a phase transition from a two- to a three… 

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