Quantum mechanics in the brain

  title={Quantum mechanics in the brain},
  author={Christof Koch and Klaus Hepp},
  • C. Koch, K. Hepp
  • Published 30 March 2006
  • Biology, Physics, Psychology
  • Nature
Does the enormous computing power of neurons mean consciousness can be explained within a purely neurobiological framework, or is there scope for quantum computation in the brain? 
Coherence and decoherence in the brain
This review provides many entry points to controversies in neuroscience, where input from mathematical physics could be fruitful, especially about coherence and decoherence in the brain, both on the
From Quantum Physics to Quantum Hypnosis: A Quantum Mind Perspective.
A novel, heuristic model based upon chaotic complex systems theory and quantum mechanics is proposed to overcome the dichotomy between mind and body. The mind–body interface represents a chaotic sy...
Quantum mechanics and brain uncertainty.
Molecular governing structures which operate pervasively in the brain, often with small number particle systems (as, for example, at the surfaces of membranes, synaptic clefts, or macromolecules), may plausibly be vehicles for the transmutation of quantum mechanical fluctuations to normal-level neural signaling.
This paper is aiming to investigate the physical substrate of conscious process. It will attempt to find out: How does conscious process establish relations between their external stimuli and
Quantum Mechanics and the Brain
In this paper we discuss possible quantum effects in the brain. We start with a historical review of what some prominent physicists have said about it. We then discuss some proposals that quantum
On Quantum Models of the Human Mind
Why the two levels of commitment, treating the human brain as a quantum computer and merely adopting abstract quantum probability principles to model human cognition, should be integrated are discussed.
Quantum mechanics, interference, and the brain
Is There a Link Between Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness
This essay examines the link (if any) between quantum mechanics and consciousness and the problem of interpretation. The ‘measurement problem’ that arises from the ‘Copenhagen Interpretation’ is
Quantum Mechanics and the Mechanism of Sexual Reproduction
The mechanism of the meiosis, mitosis and gametes life cycle from the view-point of quantum for human has been represented and the quantum gates have been used to simulate these processes for the first time.


The quest for consciousness : a neurobiological approach
We may not be able to make you love reading, but the quest for consciousness a neurobiological approach will lead you to love reading starting from now. Book is the window to open the new world. The
Quantum computation and quantum information
  • T. Paul
  • Physics
    Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
  • 2007
This special issue of Mathematical Structures in Computer Science contains several contributions related to the modern field of Quantum Information and Quantum Computing. The first two papers deal
The Emperor's New Mind
Els cometes presenten en general un nucli brillant de dimensions reduides (uns quilbmetres), de forma irregular i que conte gairebe tota la massa, una cabellera al voltant del nucli i una cua (si es
in Quantum Future: Lecture Notes in Physics
  • in Quantum Future: Lecture Notes in Physics
  • 1998