Quantum mechanics in phase space : an overview with selected papers

  title={Quantum mechanics in phase space : an overview with selected papers},
  author={C. Zachos and David B. Fairlie and Thomas L. Curtright},
In addition to the presentation speeches and the Nobel lectures, these volumes also provide brief biographies and the Nobel laureates' own accounts of their many years of preparation and effort that led to their achievements. The last decade of the twentieth century is already proving to be as dramatic as any decade before. The chances of global peace seem stronger now than at any time since 1900 and the people and organizations that have contributed most towards this progress are recognized by… Expand
Quantum dynamics in phase space: Moyal trajectories 2
Continuing a previous paper [G. Braunss, J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 43, 025302 (2010)10.1088/1751-8113/43/2/025302] where we had calculated ℏ2-approximations of quantum phase space viz. MoyalExpand
Copenhagen quantum mechanics
In our quantum mechanics courses, measurement is usually taught in passing, as an ad-hoc procedure involving the ugly collapse of the wave function. No wonder we search for more satisfyingExpand
Quantum Mechanics in Phase Space
Ever since Werner Heisenberg's 1927 paper on uncertainty, there has been considerable hesitancy in simultaneously considering positions and momenta in quantum contexts, since these are incompatibleExpand
Quantum Phase Space Representations and Their Negativities
A classical simulation scheme of quantum computation given a restricted set of states and measurements may be—occasionally, but only occasionally—interpreted naturally as a statistical simulation ofExpand
How the Weak Variance of Momentum Can Turn Out to be Negative
Weak values are average quantities, therefore investigating their associated variance is crucial in understanding their place in quantum mechanics. We develop the concept of a position-postselectedExpand
Efficient method to generate time evolution of the Wigner function for open quantum systems
The Wigner function is a useful tool for exploring the transition between quantum and classical dynamics, as well as the behavior of quantum chaotic systems. Evolving the Wigner function for openExpand
Wilson loops, instantons and quantum mechanics
In this thesis we will examine two different problems. The first is the computation of vacuum expectation values of Wilson loop operators in ABJM theory, the other problem is finding the instantonExpand
The Long Journey to the Schrödinger Equation
This chapter marks the beginning of an itinerary that will take us to the quantum theory of matter. All along this exciting journey we will be accompanied by the zero-point radiation field introducedExpand
Wigner negativity in spin- j systems
The nonclassicality of simple spin systems as measured by Wigner negativity is studied on a spherical phase space. Several SU(2)-covariant states with common qubit representations are addressed: spinExpand
Torres-Vega distribution function in the extended phase space
Abstract.Classical physics gives us our everyday perception of the world. However, the break down of this classical intuition could be explained by quantum mechanics. Hence, quantum corrections toExpand