Quantum mechanics

  title={Quantum mechanics},
  author={John Wilfrid Linnett},
Quantum Mechanics for Organic Chemists.By Howard E. Zimmerman. Pp. x + 215. (Academic: New York and London, May 1975.) $16.50; £7.90. 

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an 2 00 0 Bohmian mechanics contradicts quantum mechanics
It is shown that, for a harmonic oscillator in the ground state, Bohmian mechanics and quantum mechanics predict values of opposite sign for certain time correlations.
A realistic interpretation for quantum mechanics
We propose a realistic and nonlocal interpretation for quantum mechanics, which requires new mathematical, physical and philosophical foundations for space-time. Our theory violates Bell's
Probability in Quantum Physics
Unpredictability in the classical and quantum worlds. Quantum probability amplitudes. Measurement and state mixtures. Probability consistency tests of hidden variable theories. Whither Quantum
Modern science (and notably Quantum Mechanics) is giving a wealth of precious information that has impact on our view of the Universe (and of ourselves). In this paper, I will show that the commonly
Transient phenomena in quantum mechanics
Resumen en: Transient phenomena in quantum mechanics imply solving the time dependent Schrodinger equation with appropriate initial and boundary conditions. In this ...
Comparisons between classical and quantum mechanical nonlinear lattice models
In the mid-1920s, the great Albert Einstein proposed that at extremely low temperatures, a gas of bosonic particles will enter a new phase where a large fraction of them occupy the same quantum sta
Superposition, entanglement, and raising Schrödinger's cat
Experimental control of quantum systems has been pursued widely since the invention of quantum mechanics. Today, we can in fact experiment with individual quantum systems, deterministically preparing
Hydrodynamic Models of Quantum Mechanics
Schrodinger equation for spin-less particles has an exact hydrodynamic model, which can be used to study quantum transitions, using causal functions. This has the potential to throw light on the
Computational Methods for Simulating Quantum Computers
This review gives a survey of numerical algorithms and software to simulate quantum computers and includes a few examples that illustrate the use of simulation software for ideal and physical models of quantum computers.
Matrix Revolutions, The Origin of Quantum Variables
An informal guide to the history of Heisenberg's matrix mechanics. It is designed for mathematicians with only a minimal background in either physics or geometry, and it is based upon Heisenberg's


On the interpretation of measurement in quantum theory
It is demonstrated that neither the arguments leading to inconsistencies in the description of quantum-mechanical measurement nor those “explaining” the process of measurement by means of
The conceptual development of quantum mechanics
Market: Historians of science and students. An enlarged and revised edition of a volume that offers a systematic and comprehensive account of the historical development of quantum mechanics for the
Classical Electrodynamics
Electrodynamics of Particles and PlasmasBy P. C. Clemmow and J. P. Dougherty. (Addison-Wesley Series in Advanced Physics.) Pp. ix + 457. (Addison-Wesley London, September 1969.) 163s.
Can Quantum-Mechanical Description of Physical Reality Be Considered Complete?
Consideration of the problem of making predictions concerning a system on the basis of measurements made on another system that had previously interacted with it leads to the result that one is led to conclude that the description of reality as given by a wave function is not complete.
Proposed experiment to test the nonseparability of quantum mechanics
As a criterion between quantum mechanics and local hidden-variable theories, the so-called Einstein--Podolsky--Rosen paradox is mainly tested in the form of the statistical correlation between
Berechnung der natürlichen Linienbreite auf Grund der Diracschen Lichttheorie
ZusammenfassungEs werden die Diracschen Gleichungen der Wechselwirkung zwischen Atom und Strahlung in einer von der üblichen verschiedenen Art näherungsweise gelöst. Die Lösungen gelten während der
Correlation between Photons in two Coherent Beams of Light
Physicists now rely on the effect to probe the quantum character of complex light sources as well as classical interferometry to infer the angular size of distant stars.
The classical groups : their invariants and representations
In this renowned volume, Hermann Weyl discusses the symmetric, full linear, orthogonal, and symplectic groups and determines their different invariants and representations. Using basic concepts from
Beweis des Ergodensatzes und desH-Theorems in der neuen Mechanik
ZusammenfassungEs wird gezeigt, wie der scheinbare Widerspruch zwischen dem makroskopischen Ansatz des Phasenraumes und dem Bestehen von Unbestimmtheitsrelationen aufzulösen ist. Danach werden die
Infrared and optical masers
The extension of maser techniques to the infrared and optical region is considered. It is shown that by using a resonant cavity of centimeter dimensions, having many resonant modes, maser oscillation