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Quantum many-body scars have extensive multipartite entanglement

  title={Quantum many-body scars have extensive multipartite entanglement},
  author={Jean-Yves Desaules and Francesca Pietracaprina and Zlatko Papi'c and John Goold and Silvia Pappalardi},
Recent experimental observation of weak ergodicity breaking in Rydberg atom quantum simulators has sparked interest in quantum many-body scars – eigenstates which evade thermalisation at finite energy densities due to novel mechanisms that do not rely on integrability or protection by a global symmetry. A salient feature of quantum many-body scars is their sub-volume bipartite entanglement entropy. In this work we demonstrate that exact many-body scars also possess extensive multipartite… 
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Observation of unconventional many-body scarring in a quantum simulator
  • G. Su, Hui Sun, +7 authors Jian-Wei Pan
  • Physics
  • 2022
Guo-Xian Su, 2, 3 Hui Sun, 2, 3 Ana Hudomal, Jean-Yves Desaules, Zhao-Yu Zhou, 2, 3 Bing Yang, Jad C. Halimeh, Zhen-Sheng Yuan, 2, 3 Zlatko Papić, and Jian-Wei Pan 2, 3 Hefei National Laboratory for


En) = 1 for spin operators and eigenstates in the middle of the spectrum
See the Supplemental Material for additional analysis and background calculations to support the results in the main text. The supplementary material contains Refs